1st Anniversary

On 13th October 2021, it marks the first anniversary of NINE N. To celebrate and thank all the supports and encouragement that you have given to us, we will be hosting a month of giveaway just for all NINE N customers! 

We hope to continue to increase our brand awareness and reach out to more people!

Your feedback and support is very important to us! As a small business owner, we would appreciate that you could help us by participating in this giveaway and help us to share our brand to your families and friends.

We will be splitting this GIVEAWAY into 4 different weeks; new customers can join in the fun! Each week there will be different prizes to be won as well!
(Each customers only can participate 1 time).

13th October 2021
22th October 2021
29th October 2021
5th November 2021


What time will we be starting the giveaway?

Hint: 2pm - 10pm

What I need to do to participate this NINE N 1st Anniversary Giveaway?

1. Take a picture of your NINE N products and POST it on your Instagram FEED or Facebook FEED.

2. Tell us in the caption "Why do you love our products?"

3. Tag @Nine.n.official & 3 of your good friends/families

Be creative with your post! Pose with our products! Or simply just snap a shot of our products where it is usually found! Just have fun posting and you get to win some awesome prizes.

Yes! It's that simple!

With an exchange of your post, we would like to give you one of these prizes:

- Mashumaro Cushion
- Bamboo Cuddle Pillow
- $29 OFF shopping NINE N cash vouchers
- Home Slippers in Faux Leather!*

Each week we will be giving out one of the above prizes! Each prizes will be limit to first 99 participants only!

This mean that there will be 99 winners a week & 396 winners for a month!

HAVE FUN! Thank you for your participating.