Kaiteki Sofa - Steps to fit sofa back into it's cover (Video)

Care & Wash Instructions

1. How do I maintain the fluffiness of the sofa cushion?

Remove the cushion and fluffed the cushion once every 3-6 months. ( Depend the usage frequency). By doing this , the cotton fibre will be volatile again.

2. Can it be folded into half for easy storage?

No. Kaiteki & Oki-Kaiteki can't be folded into half. Only can be kept it flat down or in a upright position as a display piece in the living area.

3.  Will the steel frame break easily?

Please note that the sofa can only hold up to a maximum weight of 110kg.

Washing Instruction.

A video of " Steps to remove the sofa cover for washing. "  is available on the website , under " BLOG " section.

-  Hand-washing is advisable

- Gentle/Slow speed for washing machine



*** Things to take note

1. Back of sofa is facing you.