Oki-Kaiteki ( Linen )- Granny Grey

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        2nd Generation of Kaiteki sofa.

        Oki-Kaiteki Sofa is bigger with more leg and neck rest.

        It is almost double the size of Kaiteki sofa. Suitable for bigger body builders. 

        Product Details

         Size: 148* 60 * 18cm (L X B X H)

        Weight: 7kg

        Available colours:

        Granny Grey / Ocean Blue / Blush Pink 

        Metallic Grey / Ivory / Sky Blue / Black 



        *** Linen Fabric

        *** High Density Foam (25D)

        *** Japan KOYO 19*1.2 Steel Tube Frame


        *** 5 reclining position

        *** Anti-slip at the bottom

        *** Sofa cover is washable; Inner foam is covered by non-woven fabric

        *** Portable; Comes with handle

        *** 4 grid; with high volume cushion

        *** Can hold up to maximum 110kg

         Things to take note:

        *** Please allow 2-3cm measurement discrepancy  

        *** Actual colours may slightly differ from the image shown

        *** Non-waterproof


        So what is the difference between Kaiteki & Oki-Kaiteki ?

        There are only THREE differences between the both.

        1. Size ( Length by Width)

        💙 Kaiteki is 118cm by 48cm

        💙 Oki-Kaiteki is 148cm by 60cm

        2. Weight

        💛 Kaiteki is 4.7 kg

        💛 Oki-Kaiteki is 7kg

        3. Price ( Inclusive Free Delivery )

        🤍 Kaiteki is selling at $98~$109

        🤍 Oki-Kaiteki is selling at $159~$179