Collection: Kaiteki (Faux Leather)- Clearance Sale!

Leather upholstery has Leather may be dyed in a wide range of rich colours and tones, from deep, dark brown or black to brilliant slate blue or flamingo pink. A dark leather sofa is ideal for a polished and sumptuous decor, but a vibrant colour can create an expressive and eclectic atmosphere. 

The choice is yours, and there's plenty to choose from in our Kaiteki faux leather offerings. Though these recliners aren't made with animal products, they still offer a range of elegant, comfortable pieces that are a joy to lie down on - or even just to look at. 

Kaiteki Floor Recliners are available in the following sizes:

(S) 118cm * 48cm * 18cm
(M) 148cm * 48cm * 18cm
(L) 148cm * 58cm * 18cm