NEW ( PO ) FREE 1 Cushion + Oki-Kaiteki Sofa Cover in PU Leather

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August Pre-Order Details

  • Please note that this is PRE-ORDER order consist of 1 Sofa & 1 Free cushion. 
  • Limited to the first 100 orders.
  • To be delivered after 4th week of AUGUST 2021. 
  • Picture of the cushion is just for illustration purpose only.
  • Free 1 cushion, size 50cm by 30cm ( Worth $39 ) . You may choose the colour of your choice. 
  • Cushion Material: Linen or PU Leather 
  • Change of Colours. From the moment the pre-order is placed until the shipment's arrival, should you change your mind of the colours you want, you will be ALLOW to change but subject to the availability.  
  • Change of Products. From the moment you pre-order until the shipment's arrival, should you change your mind of the product you want, you will be allowed to change to the products with the same value or more. 
  • No Refund of cash is allowed once pre-order is placed.
  • Free Delivery ( Via J&T Express )
  • Payment Via PAYNOW only
  • No other discount is allowed to add to this PO


        Oki-Kaiteki Sofa Cover in PU Leather + 1 FREE Cushion 


        Sofa Cover ( Product Details )

        Size: 148* 58 * 18cm (L X B X H)

        Available colours: 

        Army Green #212304

        Slate Blue #5B7C99

        Shadow #373737

        Fossil #787276

        Cedar #4A3728

        Brown #231709

        Flamingo #FDA4BA



        Cushion ( Product Details )

        Size: 50cm by 30cm

        Available colours: 

        5 - 8 different colours to choose. 

        Colours of the cushion are similar tone to the sofa colours. 

        A WhatsApp text will be sent to you for the selection of the colours by end July.


         Cleaning Instruction

        1. Wipe with wet cloth / leather wax

        For more information on how to remove the sofa cover , Please watch the Video on

        " Steps to remove sofa cover for washing "