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Kaiteki (Linen)- Orange

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Introducing Kaiteki Recliner Floor Sofa in Linen

        Linen is often regarded as one of the most comfortable textiles, making it an ideal candidate for upholstery. 

        Linen sofas are also easy to match with other livingroom design elements and can be easily complemented with curtains, lamps, rugs, or pillows to create an elegant look.


        Product Details

         Size: 118* 48 * 18cm (L X B X H)

        Weight: 6.5kg

        Available colours:

        Granny Grey / Ocean Blue / Blush Pink 

        Metallic Grey / Taupe / Sky Blue / Black 

        Navy / Yam/ Lemonade/ Orange

        Purple / Brown



        *** Linen Fabric

        *** High-Density Foam (25D)

        *** 19*1.2 Steel Tube Frame



        *** 5 reclining position

        ***  Oxford Fabric;Anti-slip at the bottom

        *** Invisible Zip, zip clip is hidden inside the cover, (Please watch the video on how to remove the sofa cover)

        *** Sofa cover is washable; Inner foam is covered by non-woven fabric

        *** Portable; Comes with handle

        *** 4 grid; with high volume cushion

        *** Can hold up to a maximum of 110KG


         Things to take note of:

        *** Please allow 2-3cm measurement discrepancy  

        *** Actual colours may slightly differ from the image shown

        *** Non-waterproof


        Linen Maintenance:

        • Vacuum your linen sofa regularly
        • If something spills on your furniture, soak it up with a clean, moist cloth. Scrubbing the stain into the fabric with the cloth will make it much more difficult to remove, not to mention ruining the fabric's surface. For optimal results, dab and lift the stains gently.
        • A mild detergent can be used for slightly more tenacious stains and spills, but remember not to scrub the stain; instead, try to lift it. To avoid shrinking the cloth, linen covers should be washed at 30 degrees or less and spun slowly.
        • When the wash has finished, remove the covers from the machine immediately to avoid creasing as much as possible. Hang the covers out to dry over a clothes horse and be sure not to use pegs or clips that pinch and mark the fabric.