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Kaiteki (Velvet) - Silvery Blue

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Velvet adds instant softness to any setting, making it an excellent material for contemporary designs. This is due to the textured quality of the material, which catches light to create intriguing silhouettes. Because the fabric's sheen draws attention to the surface, it works especially well with curved patterns.

All of these factors combine to create an inviting vibe and approachability, perfect ingredients for a warm and welcoming living space.


Product Details



*** Velvet Fabric

*** High-Density Foam (25D)

*** Steel Tube Frame



*** Five reclining positions

***  Oxford Fabric w/ Anti-Slip Protection

*** Invisible Zip, zip clip is hidden inside the cover, (please watch video for instructions)

*** Sofa cover is washable; Inner foam is covered by non-woven fabric

*** Portable; Comes with handle

*** 4 grids with high volume cushion

*** Can hold up to a maximum of 110KG


Velvet Maintenance: 

All you need is a soft cloth and some warm soapy water to clean your velvet furniture. First, wipe the fabric in a circular motion. Then, to speed up the drying process, let the material air dry or use a hairdryer. You may also use the portable nozzle to vacuum your velvet upholstery. This will help to collect any dust or debris that has accumulated. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to make it gentler on your velvet and avoid any unsightly markings.


Things to take note of:

*** 15 months warranty on the Floor Recliner Frame* 15 months warranty is only applicable for purchases made after 1st June 2022.  

*** Please allow 2-3cm measurement discrepancy  

*** Actual colours may slightly differ from the image shown

*** Non-waterproof



Other Available Colours:

Deep Blue / Grey / Sweet Pink

Forest Green  / Rosy