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Storage Bin- Technology Fabric

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$259.00 SGD

A pretty place to store your stuff. Home Organisation with NINE.N storage bin will now give great aesthetic pleasure! We have carefully selected the sizes for each storage bin based on how it can be played in each corner of the house. 

Keeping things in place and still looking good is our goal for our new collection. 

Product Details


*** NINE.N spotlight technology fabric 

*** Scratch proof

*** Premium look + feel.

*** Wipeable + water-resistant.

*** Sturdy construction.


 Dimensions Bundle of 5:

XXL: 44.5*44.5*44.5* ; 1,8KG
L: 38.0*38.0*38*  ; 1.3KG
M: 32.5*32.5*32.5* ; 1KG
S: 30.5* 15.2* 15.2* ; 2pcs 0.6KG


Things to take note of:

*** Actual colours may slightly differ from the image shown

*** Non-waterproof



We advise using a wet towel and a cleaning solution made from natural ingredients or soap and water.