NINE.N is the first 1st in Singapore that specialises in selling recline floor sofa. Living room is the heart of the home. It's a place to sit with the family, chat with friends and snuggle up to watch TV.

 With the living room being such a social space, you need somewhere for everyone to sit!

Introducing, (Oki)Kaiteki, it is as comfortable and snug as a normal sofa while taking up minimal space. It can be stored flatly and is easily moveable, making it an ideal solution for small living area.

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Ivory

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Cedar

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Granny Grey

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Metallic Grey

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December is a month of giving and celebration.

Yōto Ga

Introducing the Yōto Ga, a clean and versatile sofa for the modern home. Its modularity allows you to design the way you want it in your home; tailored exactly to your needs.

It's designed in the mind of practical, functional, compact and, most importantly, comfortable. 

It's made of 100% foam (base) & PP cotton (seat) which can allow you manageably move it around.

For this collection, we use Technology Fabric, a new fabric that is newly introduced in this market. The material resembles leather but it is soft like a cotton fabric.