Celebrating 1st Anniversary

From 13th October to 13th November, we will be hosting a month of giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for NINE N customers. As long as you participate the giveaway, you will get yourself to win one of these prizes

Mashumaro cushion/ Bamboo Cuddle Pillow/ $29 OFF shopping NINE N cash vouchers/ Home slippers in Fuax Leather

For more details on how to participate the giveaway, please visit our Instagram or read more on the blog section

Yōto Ga

Introducing the Yōto Ga, a clean and versatile sofa for the modern home. Its modularity allows you to design the way you want it in your home; tailored exactly to your needs.

It's designed in the mind of practical, functional, compact and, most importantly, comfortable. 

It's made of 100% foam (base) & PP cotton (seat) which can allow you manageably move it around.

For this collection, we use Technology Fabric, a new fabric that is newly introduced in this market. The material resembles leather but it is soft like a cotton fabric.  



NINE.N is the first 1st in Singapore that specialises in selling recline floor sofa. Living room is the heart of the home. It's a place to sit with the family, chat with friends and snuggle up to watch TV.

 With the living room being such a social space, you need somewhere for everyone to sit!

Introducing, (Oki)Kaiteki, it is as comfortable and snug as a normal sofa while taking up minimal space. It can be stored flatly and is easily moveable, making it an ideal solution for small living area.

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Mint (New)

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Ivory

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Granny Grey

  • (Oki)Kaiteki in Metallic Grey

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