Guide: Kaiteki Floor Recliner

Did you know that the Kaiteki Floor Recliner is designed with 5 adjustable reclining angles to provide you with ultimate comfort and versatility? With 5 adjustable angles, the Kaiteki Floor Recliner is easy to set up and use in any situation.

Here's How Your Can Use the Kaiteki Floor Recliner

1. You can take a cozy nap in the flat, 1st, or 2nd reclining angle, perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons.


1st Recline Angle:

2nd Recline Angle:

For your binge-watching sessions, simply adjust to the 3rd reclining angle and get lost in your favourite movie or drama.

3rd Recline Angle:

When you're catching up on work or reading a book, the 4th reclining angle provides just the right amount of support.

4th Recline Angle:

And for those times when you need to sit upright and focus, the Kaiteki Floor Recliner can be easily adjusted to its 5th reclining angle, perfect for using as a working floor sofa.

5th Recline Angle:

When you're done, simply gently press it down and place it flat to reset. With its versatile reclining angles, the Kaiteki Floor Recliner is perfect for any activity or mood.