6 Questions with iPoise Design - The Makings of a Shipping Container Museum

6 Questions with iPoise Design - The Makings of a Shipping Container Museum

Doing up a normal retail space is easy, but making it an experience to remember is hard.

For Singapore's inaugural Wunderground events, we worked with iPoise Design to come up with a fresh new way for our customers to come and experience NINE.N, and imagine how NINE.N products could fit in their homes.

We called it "The Museum of NINE.N".

Let's go behind the scenes and pick the brains of the team who helped conceptualise the space - iPoise Design:

Creating The Museum of NINE.N

1. How did you work with the layout and architecture of the shipping container to create a functional and visually appealing space with NINE.N's line of floor furniture in mind?

We wanted to create a space where it brings out the brand image of Nine.N and also give it a fresh look. With the rectangular and boxed in layout of the container, we decided to give contrast and volume to our space planning by adding different elevations to our designs, both on the floor and on the wall.

2. What was the biggest challenge of designing an experiential space in a shipping container, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was to think out of the ordinary and also to understand the brand image well so we can create something that would resonate with Nine.N.

We overcame this problem by doing research and basing our choices from the design brief given to us when we first met Joanne.

3. What design elements and materials did you choose to bring the “minimalist luxe” theme to life? How did the team then transform the space to fit a “titanium vibe”?

We used material styling to bring out the titanium vibe. Interior styling as we always mention, is the soul of every interior design. Just by tweaking and changing the furnishings used can completely change the vibe of a place.

By using carpets, laminates and furnishings with earth tones, it helped us set the mood and feel of the container.

Bringing Style to Your Home

4. What's your number one tip for homeowners who want to shake up their home's look without breaking the bank or completely overhauling their space?

Our number 1 tip would be to do research on what they want and be bold to try it out!

5. What's your approach to working with clients who feel like they have multiple styles (or who have multiple household members who have different styles)? Do you try to help them hone in on one aesthetic, or do you embrace the diversity of their tastes?

For situations like this, we try not to label a design, rather we go into understanding what the clients want and from that, we create a design that would be a good blend for the entire household.

6. What are some ways you can help your client create a more timeless and cohesive look in their home, rather than chasing trends that might be outdated in a few years?

Never blindly following trends would be a number 1 thing to do. Choose items and things that they love and is innately them to the core.


*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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