Ergonomic City Living with Nine.N

Ergonomic City Living with Nine.N

Recently, we checked in with a happy family of Nine N customers who we’ll call the Dees - Daphne, husband Darius, and children Denise and Dylan.

Situated in the vicinity of Boon Keng, the Dees’s 1173 sqft 5room HDB flat is considered good sized by Singapore’s standard, but with a growing household, even that can feel tight at times

“As a family with young kids,” Daphne explains, “empty floor space is a rare commodity.” 

That’s where Nine N comes in. With comfortable, versatile minimalist decor, the Dees and others can enjoy city living in a completely new way. And the kids, as Daphne puts it, “can use the space to play with their toys, or simply just run around!”

“The products are very practical to our family’s needs,” says Daphne, “and the designs are aesthetically pleasing. The furniture pieces are able to fit easily into our home decor, and are very mobile too as we can move them easily from room to room.”

And their favorite item so far?

“Definitely the Oki-Kaiteiki floor sofa! our family has been using it on a daily basis for our varying needs! The kids love to use it as their reading nook, while the adults would sit on it to do work or watch Netflix!”
Instagram: Thedeeshive 
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