Setting Your New Year's Resolutions and Vision

Setting your New Year's Resolutions can be tough. That's why we made a guide for us to really sit down and think about your past year, and see how you can set new intentions for the new year.

Instead of resolutions and bucket lists, which can feel hard to fulfill, why not use a word to set an intention for your year, and create a vision board to really see how you want 2024 to look like.

Download these images and fill them out however you like - scribble on them on your iPad, add text boxes and type, or print them out and write on them the old school way.

Reflections and Resolutions

Before you skip to 2024, look back at how 2023 has been for you:

2023 reflections
Here's where you create an overview of 2024 for yourself - we believe your space is a reflection of who you are, so think about what you want to put in your home too!
2024 resolutions

Make Your Vision Board

After you're done, it's time to visualise your year. An easy way of doing this digitally is to go on canva, search for "vision board", and then look for images on canva that really represent the life that you want in 2024.

vision board how to
Here's an example of a vision board you can create really easily on Canva:
vision board example 2024

Set Your Intentions

The whole idea on choosing a word to guide your year ahead is so you don't get bogged down by lists and unrealistic goals. Of course, you can expand on your word and write down your goals - but the word that you set here helps to anchor your year and ground you. It helps you focus on how you'd like to feel this year, and not focus on a list of achievements.

new year resolutions word

Now that you have your 2024 word, think about how it plays into your life. 

You can use the image above as your phone wallpaper so you can be reminded of your word everyday. You can insert your word in your vision board and set that as your phone's wallpaper too.

Look for inspiration, books, and quotes surrounding your word. Ask yourself when you're making decisions if what you're doing is helping you go closer to living like you want with your word.

If you're more goals oriented, try setting goals around your word, and split your goal into smaller tasks. Check in with yourself every few months to see if your word still works for 2024, and if it's helping you achieve your goals.

Download Our New Year's Vision Template on Canva

Use our New Year's Vision Template. You'll need a Canva account for this, but it's worth it!

We hope you'll have a great year ahead!

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