Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Busy Singaporeans 2023

Christmas is coming soon, and with it comes the nearly impossible task of finding the perfect gift for the ones you love. No one likes getting gifts that they don't like, and having to pretend to love whatever present they got. Save yourselves from the awkward stares and silences of gift giving and get your gifts from NINE.N. They might not be perfect, but they're pretty close.

1. For the Gift Exchange in the Office - Kyoui Tumbler

Is there a Christmas gathering you can't run away from? Were the instructions to prepare a gift below $20 for a blind gift exchange, and but you have no idea what you can give?

Look no further than a simple and elegant glass tumbler, great for your colleagues in the office who basically run on iced cappuccinos. 

At only $12.90, the Kyoui tumbler is our pick for Secret Santa gift exchanges! It's affordable for you and practical for them. You could even get 2 of them and get an extra one on us!

2. For Your Foodie Friend Who Has a Sweet Tooth - Madeleines x Kessho Jar

Who doesn't like something sweet during the holidays? We have a Christmas special with She Sells Seashells featuring 3 flavours of their madeleines — brown butter, matcha, and chocolate.

The Kessho jar can be kept for snacks and knick knacks even after your friend has finished all the madeleines. The She Sells Seashells x Kessho set retails for $79.90, and is great for house parties where you can bring a gift for the host. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

If your friend is more of a plant person, get them the Variegated English Holly in the Kessho Jar — it doubles as a display piece on the dining table for all those year end parties.

3. For the Workaholic Who Loves Lying in Bed - Lappu Laptop Cushion

Our newest addition to the family is for people who love working, but love working in bed. Get your most hardworking friend the Lappu Lap Desk with Cushion for $129 so they can work from home in style and comfort.

The wood block can be removed from the cushion, so your gift recipient can even use them separately as a breakfast tray or an added back cushion.

4. For Your Tireless Mum Who Needs a Break - Ojo Swivel Chair

We know mums deserves the best, so get her the best seat in the house. The Ojo swivel chair is able to swivel at any angle so she can watch her dramas in the living room and turn back at any moment to supervise everyone setting the dining table.

The Ojo can recline too, so it's perfect for those days when she feels like she needs to really lean back and relax, since the Ojo always got her back.

5. For Your Practical Dad Who Likes Versatility - Kesseki Pouf

The Kesseki pouf is no ordinary seat for no ordinary dads. It can double as a coffee table once you add a tray on top, or play its role as an extra seat, a footrest for that Ojo that you just got for Mum, or a convenient spot to put on his shoes before heading out.

It's light too, so you don't have to worry about his back when he moves the Kesseki around. He can even hide the TV remote in the pocket so he gets to decide what shows to watch around the house!

6. For Yourself When You Can't Decide

The best part of the holidays is of course, treating yourself to something you've alwahs wanted. Get yourself the Kaiteki floor recliner, and work, play, and relax anywhere you want. Leave it in your bedroom as your own little secret, or bring it out to the living rom to let your guests envy your floor seating situation.

The Gifting Season

December is a month where we get to pamper everyone we love, including ourselves! To help you out with the pampering, we have 15% off storewide until the year ends in 2023 with the code 15OFF. Pick out a gift from NINE.N this season.

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