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Nine.N Joins a Learning Adventure

Earlier this month, the Nine.N team journeyed over to the Jalan Besar neighborhood, to see some old friends at Natventure Books. A bustling children’s cafe, Natventure has been a local favourite since opening in December of last year, offering a wide menu of food and drink along with an extensive library of books for young learners. And since their opening, Natventure has offered their customers comfortable seating in Nine.N’s Kaiteki floor recliners and Pikunikku portable seats.


 Though capable of supporting a fully-grown adult, the Pikunikku really shines at Natventure, where it offers visiting children a lush, cushioned seat - a far more enjoyable place to read than a school desk chair! At the same time, its size and portability come very much in handy, as adults (or even the children themselves) frequently shift the seating from table to table to accompany new reading groups, leaving much of the cafe feeling open and free to explore. 

  The environment is also a perfect fit for the versatile Kaiteki, which can double as a bench to go with Natventure’s low wooden tables. Of course, it’s still often found in one of its other four reclining angles, providing youngsters and their parents the chance to sink back into soft fabric as they enjoy a good book.

It was wonderful to see our ergonomic designs being put to such good use at Natventure, and we look forward to being a part of their continued growth in the years to come. 

Special thanks to Natventure Books for welcoming us, and to Winnie Chia and her wonderful team of talents for allowing us to do this shoot.

Natventure Books can be found at 65 Syed Alwi Rd, #01-01, Singapore 207644.

They also have an online store, where you can purchase many of their excellent children's books. Just be sure to use promo code NINEN10 at checkout for a special 10% off of non-promotional items!



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