A Relaxing Visit with Empat Walls

A Relaxing Visit with Empat Walls

With all of the excitement that comes with being a rapidly growing furniture brand in Singapore, sometimes we at Nine.N need a bit of time to relax. And that is exactly what we were able to do as we visited some of our favourite customers, the owners of the Instagram blog Empat Walls

There’s just something very warm and soothing about the owners’ use of Rattan and wood furniture, and a blend of earthy and neutral tones. Here, gray shades of our Kaiteki floor recliner, Yoto Ga modular sofa, and Kesseki pouf  are a perfect fit, adding to the ambience while creating comfortable spots to bask in it.


This apartment is also home to a few young ones, who enjoy playing on their Nine.N playmat. And while we often associate bright primary colours and pastels with children’s spaces, there is actually significant evidence that neutral tones create a valuable calming effect for the developing mind, making Empat Walls’ zen, minimalist aesthetic more than just a style preference.   

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