Collection: Kaiteki (Linen)

If you're seeking traditional upholstery fabric, the Kaiteki recliner floor sofa in linen is a must-have! Linen is one of the oldest materials, used since antiquity to keep generation after generation comfortable. Today, the fabric continues to be appreciated for its beauty, durability, and smooth feel. 
On weekends, nothing beats sinking into linen with a box of popcorn and binge-watching the latest big series. It's a marvellously breathable fabric, sure to provide you with cool refreshment when you need it most.

Kaiteki Floor Recliners are available in the following sizes:

(S) 118cm * 48cm * 18cm
(M) 148cm * 48cm * 18cm
(L) 148cm * 58cm * 18cm